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How to Design A Creative Beer Label

It can be argued that the most important part of your beer is the label. Without an amazing label, nobody's going to try the incredible brew that's inside. We want to make sure you create a label as amazing as your beer, so here's a quick how to covering the important aspects of a beer bottle design.

Hopefully we can help spark some ideas, but ultimately, the success of the design rests on creativity.

  • 1. Standard 12 and 16 oz. cans are a great place to start. They are relatively inexpensive, have minimal contours to make applying labels simple, and have come to be know as an industry standard.
  • 2. Choose an overall theme or message you would like your design to convey.
  • 3. Choose a color scheme that works with your logo, current branding, and overall company image.
  • 4. Write down everything your label needs to include. This includes government warnings, volume, abv and more.
  • 5. Choose a name that catches the attention of your potential customers.
  • 6. Make use of the labels space by making smart design decisions. The most important information should be front and center, easy to read, and unobstructed.
  • 7. Begin to sketch out all the elements of your design.
  • 8. Create a sense of human relationship through either story-telling or a bit of comic relief. This can go a long way in creating brand loyalty to your product and company.
  • 9. Create a rough draft. Take a step away for a couple of hours and come back. Now Simplify your design.
  • 10. Cut out anything that doesn't relate to your label's message.
  • 11. Get coworkers, colleages, and friends to input ideas of what is working an isn't.
  • 12. Revisit the design with your newly acquired input and improve on your first draft.
  • 13. Speak to a custom label representative at LabelValue about material, and finish choices. And how you can implement these into your design. Hint: A little foil accent in your design can go a long way.
  • 14. Upload, proof, and approve your label design in minutes through LabelValue's InstaProof - our online label tool. Instantly approve online on your time, not a sales rep. No more waiting days for proofs. And the best part? You're instantly added to the print queue, meaning you get your labels faster than ever.
And those are the steps on how to design a show-stopper of a beer label. Are you getting "Designer's Block" or just simply aren't the creative type? Not to worry - our talented team of in-house designers can work directly with you to create a beer label design you're sure to love.

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