There are many requirements and protocols for labeling beer for sale. (Note: If you're relabeling beer for a small event and not for resale, these requirements may not apply). To view a full list of guides, resources and regulations, please visit the Tax and Trade Bureau's Beer Labeling web page.

Here is a basic list of the mandatory labeling requirements for beer labels. For full descriptions and information please refer to TTB: (Note: This list is not comprehensive and official requirements are subject to changes that may not be reflected in this list.)

Mandatory Custom Beer Label Requirements1. Brand Name
2. Class and Type Designation
3. Name and Address Net ContentsBottled/Packed by

-Brewed by
-Brewed and Bottled/Packed by
-Imported by (Sole Agent)

4.  Net Contents
5. Alcohol Content
6. FD&C Yellow #5 Disclosure
7. Saccharin Disclosure
8. Sulfite Declaration
9. Aspartame Disclosure
10. Health Warning Statement
11. Country of Origin

Make sure you incorporate theses mandatory elements into any beer label design that is designated for sale.

Questions about one of these elements or how to incorporate these into your design? Contact one of our custom label experts today