How to Choose the Right Durable Material for Your Labels

Durable Label Materials

If your labels are going to be outside, handled regularly, or come into contact with liquids - choose these durable label materials.

1. Silver BOPP Chrome - Brushed Polyester

Our Brushed Polyester labels are technically called Silver BOPP Chrome. They have a brushed metallic sheen and are weatherproof, tear-resistant, and shrink-resistant. This means that this is the most durable choice of face material we carry.

2. Polypropylene (Either White or Clear)

If you're not looking for a metallic finish, but still need durability, the white or clear polypropylene (also known as BOPP) material is a great choice. This plastic-based material is tear and water resistant. This makes them a stronger and more durable choice than a typical paper label.

3. UV Gloss Laminate

This is a finish for your label. For ultimate durability, couple the UV Gloss Laminate finish with the Silver BOPP Chrome material. This will give you a label that can withstand pretty much everything short of a nuclear war. The UV Gloss Laminate is designed to make labels outdoor-proof. 

4. Permanent Adhesive 

This is the default adhesive we use for custom labels. It is an extremely aggressive adhesive that will stick in a wide variety of elements and environments.

Choosing any combination of the above materials will create a label that is durable enough to withstand the many uses your labels may encounter. Contact our custom label experts at 800 750-7764 for any detailed questions about your custom label applications or material choices.