How to Apply a Custom BBQ Sauce Label to My Bottles

Once you've designed your custom Barbecue Sauce bottle labels and received them way faster than expected thanks to's awesome production and shipping departments, it's time to apply those beauties to your bottles. 

This can be a difficult process at first, so we broke down the key steps on how to apply a custom barbecue sauce bottle label below:

1. Position your bottle on a flat surface
2. Find the BBQ sauce bottle seam 
3. Peel your label from the corner
4. Line the edge of the label up with the seam
5. Press the label's edge securely on the seam
6. Smooth the label out from the seam, across the bottle's surface
7. Twist the bottle as you smooth
8. Repeat.

If you have a large product line and are tired of applying by hand, there are many automated label applicators that might be worth the investment. Make sure to let us know before you reorder if you decide to go with the automated process. That way, we can optimize your labels for their application.