Why Simple BBQ Sauces Can Sometimes Be Better

Simple, Tasty Barbecue SauceVariety might be the spice of life, but simplicity is the spice that makes killer barbecue sauce. With trendy ingredients being thrown into designer barbecue bottles, sometimes it's best just to go back to the good old way of making barbecue sauce, where smoky flavor and sweet finishes abound. 

The best form of barbecue sauce variety is found in the regional differences. From Carolina vinegar base to sweet, smoky Memphis style barbecue sauce, the most mouth-watering sauces are always found in the simplest renderings. 

Granted, the return to simplicity and turning away from the "trendy" method of adding peach flavors or random spices is somewhat of a trend itself. Simplicity is finding its way in to chef's kitchens and restaraunts everywhere. With skepticism behind hidden or artificial ingredients, the turn to simple food may indeed be a trend. But in terms of barbecue sauce, it's a trend that should be here to stay. 

That's why the best barbecue sauce recipes are time-tested and have been around for generations. When you find that special smoke pit in your county, you want your kids and grandkids and everyone else you know to come out and eat together. 

And that's another reason why simplicity is king when it comes to barbecue sauce. The simplicity of a barbecue dinner with friends and family on a beautiful sunshine day is truly the epitome of pure, simple joy in life.