Can You Custom Print Direct Thermal Labels?

Many of our customers have unique needs that require them to be able to print on the custom labels they place on their products. Oftentimes, this is due to a constantly changing variable data such as price, category, or product name. We've come up with a unique solution to match this type of custom label need.

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We started out as a manufacturer of direct thermal labels, which means we really know the ins and outs of the thermal printer label world. We have the unique ability to print your custom logo, text, design and more on direct thermal compatible label material.

This means that you can run your custom labels through a direct thermal printer, such as a Dymo or Zebra printer, and input your desired data for each label.

This is an incredibly cost-effective solution to variable data needs. 

For example, many of our customers in the eLiquid/eCigarette industry use Dymo printers to label their products. As they have many different varieties of liquids and the flavors change often, they need the flexibility of printing their flavor on demand. 

Typically, if these companies wanted a full-color, high quality custom label to put on their products, they would have to order many different sets of large quantities of labels, which wouldn't really suit their needs. The minimum quantities are too high at most custom label printers. 

At we work with our customers to create a design that incorporates their variable data needs. We can work a full-color design into a custom label that has a designated area for variable text that they can print on using their direct thermal printer. For example (note: the slight purple vine gradient in the back is difficult to see in the digital proof. On the actual product you can see how the background is in full color and still printable):

Custom Variable Data Printed Label

Full-Color Custom Label on Direct Thermal Transfer Material

Custom Direct Thermal Printer Label

Printed Version of Direct Thermal Transfer Custom Label