Choosing A Writable Label Material

Oftentimes, it comes in handy to have a label that you can write on. Sometimes printers and computers are not accessible, or you may even like the artistic touch that handwritten labels can provide. In any case, here are the characteristics to look for to be a writable label.
Writing on Label1. Matte Paper Material
Choosing a matte paper material is the first step for a label that will be writable using pencils or pens. While semi-gloss material can sometimes work, it is not ideal, and plastic, polypropylene material will smear when writing. A matte paper material will have a better writing surface and natural paper feel.
2. Varnish, Not Laminate
Varnish is a liquid coating that fuses with the label material, while laminate is an added layer of another material. If you're looking to be able to write on your labels, it's probably best to go with neither a varnish or laminate. However, if you need some added durability, a varnish is the way to go. It will enhance the characteristics of the matte paper, whereas the laminate will create a slick, un-writable surface.
Those are the basics for choosing a writable label material for your custom label.
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