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When submitting your artwork for print, please follow these steps to ensure optimum printing results. Artwork often gets delayed in the prepress stages due to problems with one of these areas.


    Color Management


Convert your artwork to CMYK before placing your order. This gives you the closest idea of how the colors will look. RGB colors tend to appear dull and desaturated when printed. Also, if you are using Pantone colors for your artwork, be sure to embed them within the file when submitting. We want your colors to match just as much as you do!

dividerFile Formats

To get clear and crisp labels we strongly suggest artwork be created as either a vector based .PDF or Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file type. If you must submit a raster file, the minimum accepted is 300 DPI. What is the difference between vector and raster you might ask? Check out our post about this topic here: What is the difference between vector and raster artwork.

Please make sure to embed, not link, all graphic elements within the artwork. In Illustrator, go to links panel, right click on the element to embed, and select embed file.



You took the time to pick out the perfect fonts for your artwork – we can tell! To make sure it arrives safely to print, we have to be able to open it. Fonts, just like graphics, must be embedded before sending over the file. Fortunately, there are two very easy options for this. First, select all the text, then navigate to Type in the Illustrator toolbar and click Create Outlines. That’s it! Your fonts are now safe to travel with the file.

Check our post for more info: How to Outline Fonts in Illustrator.

Additionally, if you think you there might be any future changes to your files concerning text, please package the file. This process creates a folder with all the assets in your artwork. Included automatically in this package are any fonts you used while designing your label, as well as all linked graphic elements. This is a sure-fire way to be sure you’re not forgetting anything when preparing for a printed label.



If a barcode is included, the barcode must be in vector format at a minimum size of 1.2” x 0.5”. We cannot guarantee scannability of any non-vector barcode or any barcode under this size. Also, if you’re designing for a shrink sleeve, make sure the barcode is oriented vertically. This will ensure that the barcode will have minimal distortion when applied to your container.


Artwork Tips for Great Labels:

We picked our designer’s brains for a few of their best tips when considering a new design for a product label.

– Choose colors that contrast well! You want your product to be seen, right?
– Make your artwork to the size of your desired label.
– Choose a font that reads well. There’s nothing worse than someone asking, what does that say?
– If you are using photography or images, make sure they are high resolution.

Need your label designed or redesigned?

Need a custom label designed? Labelvalue has a design team fit for any job! Get a quote for your labels and for the artwork step, select “Request Professional Design”.

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