Oregon Recreational Marijuana Important Dates

Oregon Passes Recreational Marijuana Measure 91The state of Oregon has voted in approvel of Measure 91 already, but the implementation of the new policy has a few different steps. On July 1 of 2015, individuals will be able to purchase dried flowers from dispensaries and grow themselves. Retail regulation will not be enacted until 2016, however. What does this mean for Oregon's recreational marijuana market?

Dispensaries should see a large increase in business starting in July. The likely reasoning behind the implementation of Measure 91 in this multi-faceted approach has to do with the infrastructure for regulation. The state has to implement different measures, councils and divisions in order to monitor what should be a massive retail market. This takes some time to get set up.

Since dispensaries already have proper regulation in place, it is much easier for the state to open these up to the public to allow them to grow marijuana in their own homes. 


July 1, 2015 Oregonians can possess and grow recreational marijuana  
January 4, 2016 OLCC will accept applications for retailers  
Fall 2016 Expected time that retailers will be selling recreational marijuana  



As OregonLive.com reports, "Oregonians 21 and older will be able to possess marijuana and grow it at home beginning July 1, but the Oregon Liquor Control Commission won't launch the regulated retail market until 2016."

The Oregon recreational marijuana market is expected to be quite substantial, so investors and entrepeneurs should be gearing up now to make sure they are able to hit the ground running in 2016. Starting with making sure your packaging and label vendors are in place, getting your logo and branding designed and starting to develop the marketing materials you will need once your shop opens are important steps to be taking now.