How to Design a Custom BBQ Label in 10 Easy Steps

The most important part of your barbecue sauce bottle is the label. Without an amazing label, nobody's going to try the mouth-watering, smoky, delicious sauce that's inside.

We want to make sure you create a custom label as amazing as your barbecue sauce, so here's a quick 10 step how to covering the important aspects of a barbecue sauce bottle design. Hopefully we can help spark some ideas, but ultimately, the coolness of the design rests on your creativity and ability to add personal touches.

1. Measure your barbecue sauce bottle and the area the label will cover.

2. Choose three words you want your design to convey. 

3. Choose a color scheme that works with your logo. 

4. Write down everything your label needs to include. 

5. Choose an imaginative name for your BBQ sauce. 

6. Try using an animal or object as a "mascot" for the BBQ sauce. 

7. Put it all together. 

8. Add a joke or a super short version of your company's story if it's a neat story. 

9. Simplify. Cut out anything that doesn't relate to the three words from step 2. 

9b. Simplify again.

10. Get a custom barbecue labels !


And those are the steps on how to design a great custom barbecue sauce bottle label. Getting stuck on anything? We have an amazing custom label team and a pretty darn talented graphic designer available. 

Just give us a call or shoot us an email with your label requirements and what you're looking for. We'll help make sure you get the perfect custom label for your barbecue sauce.