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Why People Vape and Use E-Cigs

E-Cigarette smoking reasonsFor the last few years people have pushed off the electronic cigarette industry as just the most recent fad in the smoking industry. People that vape may enjoy the variety of flavors, the culture or just the cool-factor of E-Cigs, but it stops there, right?

Some people have viewed the sales pitch of E-Cigs as a tool to help stop smoking altogether as just that - a sales pitch. But there actually seems to be some validity to it.

True, many people do just prefer E-Cigs for their nicotine buzz and think that they're pretty cool.

In all actuality though, much of the motivation to switch from traditional tobacco to E-Cigs rests on the health benefits.

While the jury is still out on what the actual health effects of E-Cigs are, the potential that they can be a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes is what draws most individuals to try their first E-Cig. 

Alternatively, people looking to stop smoking altogether turn to vaping, much in the same way that a nicotine patch has been used in the past.

So while you might think the guy next to you is vaping just to be cool, he probably is doing so for health-conscious reasons.