Barbecue can produce virtually any label size with our flexible printing methods. This means that your size options aren't limited with us. We can work with a variety of shapes and designs as well.

The label size you choose should be based on your design and product. You should make sure you have enough room for your design, but you probably don't want a ton of blank space. Here are some recommendations on how to choose the best label size for your custom barbecue label. 

We've gone ahead and put together some of the most common or popular label sizes below, but the sky's the limit here. Make sure you double check your measurements, design and the required information to get the perfect label fast. *Note: width x height.

  • 9" x 3"
    • This label covers a typical 18 oz. jar well, allowing room for nutrition information and your sauce's story on the sides and back of the bottle. 

  • 5" x 3"

    • This size works better with slender, squeeze type bottles. 

  • 5" x 3" Oval

    • Want a more unique design? Go with the oval shape. The 5x3 size works well with most jars and bottles and creates an interesting visual for your product.

We recommend you measure your product thoroughly and work with one of our custom label experts to make sure that your custom barbecue label is the perfect size for your product and design.