What Are the Positives of Tea Tree Essential Oils?

Tea Tree Essential OilAs essential oils are beginning to rise in popularity, the mysteries of one particular essential oil have been brought into focus in the public eye. What oil is that? Tea Tree Oil. The essential oil from tea trees have many benefits, but what exactly are they?

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil is antibacterial

Tea tree oils contian Terpenes which are a highly volatile oil that can fight bacteria. This means that using tea tree oil can help you keep pesky bacteria at bay. 

2. It helps acne

The tea tree oil helps to disinfect pimples. It also helps to smooth the skin. This makes tea tree oil especially effective as an acne treatment.

3. Helps with fungal infections

Have athlete's foot? Try some tea tree oil. This oil will fight fungal infections.

Any Drawbacks?

While these are all tremendous benefits that tea tree essential oil provides, you still should consult your dermatologist or physician to see if it's right for you. The tea tree oil is quite strong, so even if you are going to use it, try diluting it until you know how your body reacts.

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