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Browse our selection of clear roll labels and transparent sticker labels below in a variety of label sizes and shapes. Custom clear labels are a popular choice because they allow your product's packaging or the appearance of the product itself to take center stage. If you need a different size or want custom printed clear labels, you can create your custom clear labels here.

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  1. Dymo LV-30254 Compatible Clear Address Labels
    Dymo LV-30254 Compatible Clear Address Labels
    • Item# LV-30254
    • 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" (28 x 89mm)
    • 130 Labels Per Roll
    • Clear Label Material
    list price $13.87
    As low as $7.10
    Free shipping in the USA
  2. Dymo LV-30330 Clear Compatible Labels - 3/4 x 2"
    Dymo LV-30330 Clear Compatible Labels - 3/4 x 2"
    • Item# LV-30330CLR
    • 3/4" x 2"
    • 500 Labels Per Roll
    • Clear Labels
    list price $26.63
    As low as $17.57
    Free shipping in the USA
  3. Clear Dymo Labels
    Dymo LV-30269 Clear Shipping Labels
    • Item# LV-30269
    • 2-5/16" x 4" (59 x 101mm)
    • Scratch and Water Resistant clear poly shipping labels with a clear frosted look.
    • 300 Labels Per Roll
    list price $60.13
    As low as $28.15
    Free shipping in the USA
  4. Zebra Clear Polypropylene Barcode Labels 2" x 1" (LV-56001CLR)
    Zebra Clear Polypropylene Barcode Labels 2" x 1" (LV-56001CLR)
    • Item# LV-56001CLR
    • 2" x 1" Clear Polypropylene Labels
    • 1280 labels per roll, 1" core with a 4" outside diameter
    • Durable and water-resistant clear polypropylene material
    list price $34.67
    As low as $23.45
    Free shipping in the USA
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Premium Clear Labels for Your Business Needs

Explore our comprehensive range of clear labels designed for a variety of labeling needs. Clear labels are an excellent choice for a wide-range of applications, providing a sleek and professional look. Whether you need to label products, packages, or documents, our clear labels offer a versatile and high-quality solution. Available in various sizes and shapes, our clear labels ensure your items are labeled neatly and discreetly, blending seamlessly with any surface.

Why Choose LabelValue for Clear Labels?

  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on all orders within the USA, ensuring you receive your clear labels without any additional cost.
  • Excellent Quality: Our clear labels are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a polished finish for all your labeling needs.
  • Compatibility Guaranteed: Our clear labels are designed to be compatible with leading label printers such as Dymo and Zebra, guaranteeing seamless integration with your existing setup.
  • Customization Options: Need a specific size or design? We offer customization options to meet your unique labeling requirements. Create your custom clear labels easily and ensure they fit your brand perfectly.

Shopping with LabelValue means you get the best clear labels tailored to your needs, delivered with exceptional customer service. Our focus on quality and compatibility ensures that your labeling process is efficient and hassle-free.

Variety of Clear Labels Offered

At LabelValue, we offer a full line of clear label options to meet your diverse needs:

  • Clear Labels for Desktop Printers: We provide clear labels for popular desktop printers such as Dymo and Zebra, including direct thermal clear labels that are perfect for a variety of labeling tasks.
  • Blank Clear Labels: Ideal for sealing envelopes and invitations, our blank clear labels provide a clean, professional look for your mailings and packages.
  • Custom Clear Labels: Our customizable clear labels offer a premium "no-label look" for your products, enhancing their appearance while maintaining brand identity. Perfect for creating unique and eye-catching product labels.

Our extensive selection includes clear circle stickers, clear address labels, and more, ensuring you find the perfect label for any application.

Success Story: A Business's Experience with Our Clear Labels

Wanda M., the owner of a successful boutique, has been using our clear labels for over two years. She shares her experience:

"LabelValue's clear labels have been a game-changer for my boutique. The labels blend seamlessly with my products, maintaining a clean and professional appearance. The customization options have allowed me to create unique labels that enhance my brand's identity. Plus, the free shipping and excellent quality ensure I get the best value for my money."

Wanda's boutique has seen a significant improvement in product presentation and customer satisfaction since incorporating our clear labels. The versatility and high quality of LabelValue's clear labels have allowed her to maintain a polished look across various applications, from product labeling to packaging. Our clear labels have become an essential part of her branding strategy, demonstrating the impact that quality labels can have on a business's success.