1. Design a logo with personality

    • Your logo, color scheme and tagline are your potential customer's first impression of your sauce. Put simply, you better kill it here or it doesn't matter how great your sauce is. 
    • Boil down the essence of your brand and sauce into one or two key emotions or traits you want to convey. 
    • Create a design that exemplifies those characteristics.
    • Blink test: take a long blink, open your eyes to look at your logo for half a second, and shut your eyes. What stood out? That's what your customers will notice.

2. Create a label that tells a story

    • This doesn't necessarily mean a long "about our sauce" but it could if you have a neat story. Essentially the "story" encapsulates the two emotions you wanted to convey with your logo. 
    • Organic? Make sure your label conveys this with rich earthy tones and key phrases. 

3. Boil down what makes your sauce amazing into two sentences

    • Contact local stores, markets, festivals, etc. and get your sauce out there, emphasizing your two sentence selling proposition.

4. Build a website

    • While BBQ sauce is still tied to local word of mouth, a web presence can seriously boost your sales. Of course, once you develop your blog, write an article about how great it was working with LabelValue.com. We'll feature it on our blog too. 

5. Kick back and enjoy your BBQ

    • Don't forget to remind yourself why your BBQ is so stinkin' amazing.