One of the toughest avenues for B2B businesses to capitalize on is social media marketing. Here are 4 things you can do to make social media actually work for your company.

1. Be Helpful

Social media marketing is supposedly the sexy, new and fresh way to attract new customers. While this may be the case for many brands, oftentimes B2B companies don't really want an edgy image on the web. This leads to social media marketing strategies that try (and fail) to balance the line between corporate tones and being too hip. So how do you avoid this? 

Social B2B Tips

Focus on being helpful with your social media. If your post is not going to help your customers or potential customers, then rework it until it does. This is how you begin building a loyal, invested social media following.

2. Be Visual

Images and video drive interaction. We are an increasingly visual species, so don't ignore that. At the same time, make sure you have the capability to produce above-average visuals, because the only thing worse than no picture, is an ugly, poorly taken picture. This step takes time, but will pay major dividends.

3. Be Human

You don't have to be edgy to have personality. Before you post something, read it out loud. If it sounds unnatural when you say it, then edit until it sounds natural and conversational. Social posts are not technical documents, so don't treat them as such.

4. Be Involved

Don't just post on your own pages! Be proactive and engage with companies in your niche and companies that you work with. Social media is just that: social. So don't ignore the other half of the conversation. You'll be surprised how much your company has to offer across a wide spectrum of conversations if you just pay attention.

These are simple steps, but by taking the time to ensure your social media strategy is incorporating these elements, you'll begin to see great improvement and engagement.