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How to Apply Custom Labels to Beer Cans and Bottles

Once you've designed your custom beer labels and received them way faster than expected thanks to LabelValue's industry leading turnaround time, it's time to apply. Typically, for larger runs of beer, an automated label applicator is used. But manually applying a test label or proof of concept to potential merchandisers etc., is a commonly used practice.

This can be a difficult process at first, so we broke down the key steps on how to apply a beer bottle label below:

  • 1.  Position your bottle or can on a flat surface
  • 2.  If you are applying to a beer bottle, find the seam.
  • 3.  Peel your label from the corner
  • 4.  Line the edge of the label up with the seam for bottles. For cans, we have found aligning the top and bottom of the label to the can works best.
  • 5.  Press the label's edge securely on to the beer can or bottle. Being careful to not wrinkle the label in the process.
  • 6.  Carefully smooth the label out from the seam, across the surface of the can or bottle. Again being careful to not wrinkle or align the label crooked.
  • 7.   Twist the bottle or can as you apply the label.
  • 8.  Repeat.
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