What Options Do I Have For Custom Labeling Multiple Blends or Roasts?

So you roast your own coffee. You've got an amazing selection of single-origins and blends. Each one has a story and each one has an amazing name that showcases your brand's personality. So how do you communicate all of this without having to purchase dozens of different labels for packaging? 
Variable Coffee LabelsWe've got you covered. The simplest solution is to create a label design that incorporates your branding, logo and static information, but leaves open areas for the variable information that you will need to input as you go. 
After you've got your design together, the next step is to invest in a direct thermal printer, like the Dymo LabelWriter 450. At only $74-$109, it will pay for itself many times over.
This approach will allow you to place your branded custom labels on all of your products, ensuring a professional, consistent appearance. Then, for each roast, blend or unique piece of information, simply purchase clear direct thermal labels, print on them using your Dymo printer, and place them over the areas you left open in your design with the variable information.
When you're designing, make sure to leave the variable data information areas with a lighter background color, to ensure that the black printed clear labels will be legible.
This is a creative solution that we have found to work very well for many of our coffee roasting clients. It allows them the flexibility of labeling a new roast with a professional look, without needing to purchase hundreds of individual label designs over the years. 
Do you have another way of labeling all of your unique roasts and products? Let us know at service@labelvalue.com.