Front of Package Nutrional Labels Initiative

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The way consumers choose their foods is in the process of changing. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a call for easier to read front of package nutrition facts. These Nutrition Keys will contain banners listing calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugars per serving. These icons will also show whether or not the nutritional content is high, medium, or low, making it easier for consumers to read a product and know just how it fits into their diet. With decision making going down to a split second, the easiest to read labels are going to get sold first.

Nutrition Key Labels

So we all know what that means: new nutrition facts, new design of product labels.

Here at, we are more than prepared to respond to the need for customized nutrition key labels in order to meet the new labeling requirements. Not only will you meet requirements, but will provide you with the best service and a high quality product that will draw the eyes of the customer and find itself on the dinner table in no time.

Consumers are attracted to products with simple, clear and striking packaging, and at we offer custom nutrition key labels printed with one of our high definition label presses. Whether it is a few hundred labels or a hundred thousand, we can print any quantity in its best quality. Our custom nutrition key labels will help you maximize your sales by proudly displaying nutrients and food groups, encouraging consumers to make the smart choice.

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