Improve Your Practice's Communication with Color-Coded Veterinary Labels

As humans, we are far from perfect. Human error occurs every single day in the workplace. Unfortunately, in the veterinary field, human error is not only serious but it can also be fatal. While a particular type of medication can save one animal’s life, it can easily be fatal for another. This is precisely why veterinary labels are essential in the veterinary field.

Vibrant, color-coded labels with crisp, clear text become instantly recognizable to veterinarians, assistants and other staff who are evaluating the animals and providing the correct medication and doses. Brightly colored advisory stickers, warning labels, and medication stickers are eye-catching, saving the lives of pets by keeping staff alert to important information. Likewise, syringe labels, numeric labels, and year code stickers provide the most current information on medication and dosages.

In addition, diagnostic imaging labels, file labels, billing and collection labels and return address labels keep the administrative side of any veterinary office running smoothly. From medical to administrative, almost everything in the veterinary practice can be categorized and labeled, including custom labels, to avoid human error and mix-ups.

Veterinarians, veterinary assistants and other staff understand that when it comes to saving the lives of our pets, every second can make a difference. The faster information can be read and interpreted, the faster a veterinary professional will understand how the animal should or should not be treated. When it comes to communicating in the veterinary world, where the patients can’t speak for themselves, oftentimes a color-coded label will speak louder than words.

Design Your OwnCustom Veterinary Labels with Our Label Builder 

Our new custom label builder gives you the ability to design your own vet labels on screen with a free instant eProof. Add your practice's logo, custom text or fun icons like the one pictured below. The intuitive interface will allow you to create all the black-printed labels you could ever need. Go ahead, try it out!


Build Your Own Vet Labels