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Where Can I Buy Ink for My Dymo Printer?

Dymo printers do not actually use any ink. They print purely by heat-activation. When specially formulated direct thermal label material passes through the printer, it is heated and activated by the print head. This heat causes the label to turn black. This is how all direct thermal printers print. They do not use ink, toner or cartridges. 

So you don't need to buy ink, toner or cartridges for your printer, you simply need the appropriate direct thermal labels for your printer.

If you feel that your Dymo Printer is not printing correctly, it may need to be cleaned. Cleaning your printer is simple and easy. Watch our video on how to clean your Dymo printer to learn how. You will just need to purchase cleaning cards, found here.

Learn more about Dymo printers here or if you have any further questions, simply contact our friendly customer service at 1-800-750-7764 or at We're here to help!