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Ve-Tech Software by Vetech Impromed

Since 1982, Ve-Tech (now owned by Impromed) has been a common upgrade for users of AVImark, CleinTrax, Complete Clinic, IDEXX/Cornerstone, Doty, DVM Manager, Sneakers Software, Fox Vet, Stampede and other enhanced databases according to the developers web site. Vetech Impromed now offers three different software applications - Advantage, Advantage for Equine and Infinity.

Self proclaimed as the next step in veterinary practice management software, Ve-Tech Impromed 's Infinity software boast a robust set of software modules that include virtual white boarding, simultaneous record access and the creation of custom treatment plans. Infinity like most software applications in this category, prints labels is a snap. Labels may be printed to their LAB Plus label printer, or the data may be exported to Excel, Word or any other program that accepts input from .txt or .csv, files.

Advantage is a fairly simple yet powerful program developed for users who require a supporting software program to help them run their practice who may be less IT or tech-savy. Featuring large icons, well organized screens and a number of search options the practice manager and veterinarian is able to focus on the daily business, not on learning or maintaining a software program.

Advantage for Equine is not just a rebranded version of Advantage but rather an end t end practice management application for equine only practices. Full of equine practice features, it is just as robust as Advantage, just with a more specific focus. This is highly recommended for breeders, boarders, ferriers, trainers and all types of equine practices.

VETECH has designed support for the Dymo family of label printers and directly prints TL-20 Prescription labels containing a cadeuceus or paw print, or a safety warning, blank Prescription (Rx) labels, cage labels & file, address labels and X-ray labels. For high volume users labels are also available for Zebra brand printers. labels are available in plain white or can be customized with special warnings, practice information or custom colors (up to 8-color with pantone match).