Refrigerate Stickers - Fluorescent Green

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    Refrigerate Stickers - Fluorescent Green Description

    Our Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels are designed to ensure proper storage of perishable items, reducing the risk of mishandling that can lead to foodborne illnesses or compromised medical supplies. Keeping perishable items at the correct temperature is essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. These bright green refrigeration stickers are ideal for use in medical, laboratory, healthcare, food preparation, and veterinary settings, ensuring visibility and safety.

    Specifications of Our Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels

    • Quantity: 500 Refrigerate stickers per roll
    • Dimensions: 0.375" x 1.625"
    • Core Size: 1" Core
    • Adhesive Type: Aggressive permanent adhesive
    • Temperature Range: Adhesive temperature range of -65 to 220 Fahrenheit

    Applications for Fluorescent Green Refrigeration Stickers

    These Fluorescent Green Refrigerate labels are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings to ensure proper storage and handling of perishable items:

    • Medical Facilities: Use these Medical Refrigeration Labels to ensure medications and vaccines are stored at the proper temperature, preserving their efficacy and safety.
    • Laboratories: Laboratory Refrigeration Labels are essential for marking samples that need refrigeration, maintaining their integrity for accurate testing and results.
    • Healthcare Settings: In healthcare facilities, these refrigeration stickers help manage and store perishable supplies, enhancing patient care and safety.
    • Food Preparation Areas: These Refrigerate Labels are perfect for marking food items that need to be kept at specific temperatures to prevent foodborne illnesses.
    • Veterinary Clinics: Veterinary Refrigeration Labels ensure that medications and samples for animals are stored properly, safeguarding animal health.

    Advantages of Using Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Stickers

    • Enhanced Safety: Properly label and store perishable items to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain safety in medical and laboratory environments.
    • Quality Preservation: Ensure that the nutritional value, taste, and overall quality of food and medicine are maintained through proper storage.
    • Wide Applicability: Ideal for use in medical, laboratory, healthcare, food preparation, and veterinary environments.
    • Strong Adhesive: The aggressive permanent adhesive ensures that the labels remain secure, even in extreme temperature ranges from -65 to 220 Fahrenheit.

    Why Choose Our Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels?

    Our Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels are crafted to provide the highest standards of quality and reliability. They play an integral role in ensuring the proper storage and handling of perishable items across various settings:

    • High Visibility: The fluorescent green color makes these stickers highly noticeable, ensuring that all personnel are aware of the storage requirements.
    • Secure Adhesion: The aggressive permanent adhesive keeps the labels firmly in place, providing reliable information about storage conditions.
    • Temperature Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of storage environments with an adhesive temperature range of -65 to 220 Fahrenheit.
    • Multi-Setting Use: Perfect for medical, laboratory, healthcare, food preparation, and veterinary settings.

    Customer Testimonials

    We are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our customers. Here’s a testimonial from one of our satisfied clients:

    "In our veterinary clinic, it's vital to ensure that medications and samples are stored correctly. The Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels from LabelValue have made a significant difference. Their bright color and strong adhesive make them perfect for our needs. I highly recommend LabelValue for any and all of your veterinary labeling needs." – Sarah B., Veterinary Clinic Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can these labels withstand freezer conditions? Yes, the adhesive temperature range of -65 to 220 Fahrenheit makes them suitable for both refrigeration and freezer use.
    • Are these labels suitable for food packaging? Absolutely. These labels are perfect for marking food items that require refrigeration, helping to maintain food safety and quality.
    • Do you offer other color options? Yes, we offer a variety of colors to meet your specific labeling needs.
    • What environments are these labels best suited for? These labels are ideal for medical, laboratory, healthcare, food preparation, veterinary settings, and many more!

    Order Your Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels Today!

    Ensure the proper storage and handling of your perishable items with our high-quality Fluorescent Green Refrigerate Labels. Perfect for medical, laboratory, healthcare, food preparation, and veterinary settings, these refrigeration labels provide reliable and visible information for safe storage practices. Order now and ensure the safety and quality of your perishable items!

    LV-MPSR25 Specification

    Labels Per Roll 500
    Shape Rectangle
    Width 0.3750 "
    Length 1.6250 "
    Label Material Paper
    Core Size 1"
    Adhesive Permanent
    Color Green
    Minimum Order Quantity 1
    Perforation No

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