Printed Security Features & Capabilities

Protect Your Brand From Counterfeiters With Easy to Implement Features

With demand for consumer goods at an all-time high, more and more counterfeiters have been attempting to pass off fake goods as authentic. These fakes can ruin a brand's reputation of quality, and severely undercut profits.

Labelvalue offers multiple Printed Security Features to help combat this growing problem. These anti-counterfeit labeling solutions are cost effective, easy to implement, and work on practically any scale.

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MicroText Security

Microtext Counterfeit Protection

Invisible to the naked eye, we can input microtext text into your label and have it appear as a design element. These can be serialized numbers or letters that your distributors can verify upon receipt.


Digital Watermarking

Computer-generated Guilloche graphics that are virtually impossible to recreate, can be used as part of your label design to confirm the authenticity of your products on an end-to-end scale.

variable QR Codes

Variable QR Codes

Link your product with unique variable information that ensures your customers that the product is authentic & safe. QR codes can be used to display lab analysis, important safety or allergy information, and much more. Commonly seen on CBD packaging - create confidence in your product.

More About Print Security Features:

Your brand's reputation is one of, if not - the most, important assets to your company. It takes just a small mistake on a businesses part to lose a customer, and the likelihood of a customer returning after a negative experience associated with that brand is practically zero. Unfortunately, regardless if that bad experience is your company's fault or not. That is why brand counterfeiting is becoming such a widespread problem. These counterfeit products are not held to the same safety and production standards as authentic products, and can be very difficult to differentiate fakes from real. But there are steps you can take to protect your brand and its products.

Digital printing technology is at the forefront of print capabilities. Because digital printing does not require print plates, we can insert high-resolution identifiers into your label designs that allow for authenticity checks on an end-to-end scale. These print security features can include micro-text not visible to the human eye, computer-generated patterns unable to be replicated, and much more. These can then be checked at any process of the distribution process to ensure the products being sold are authentic, and not cheap or unsafe knock-offs. Contact us today to learn more about these print features.