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Dymo LabelWriter 450 Series Printers

Dymo Labelwriter 450 Series Printers

Dymo just introduced the new LabelWriter 450, LabelWriter 450 Turbo, LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo, and LabelWriter 450 DUO but what's beyond the hype of one of our favorite product families?

Unlike Dell, who has been moving toward bright colors - think vibrant like Skittles® - allowing their notebook users to express their style and personality, the LabelWriter 450 printers have a new color that falls flat in the style department and keeps with the herd of boring desktop office equipment we encounter these days.

Now don't get upset, we love the little guys. We simply would like them to stand out more on the desk than they do. After all, we sure think they are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment we use, and trust us, the folks at know a few things about value. Maybe we should start a contest for best productivity tool of the year? Before we run off to the talk with the marketing gurus, let's get back on track. The outer style changed, but what about inside?

Inside, the printer hosts a number of changes which you will love. Unfortunately, a visual inspection will only show off one new feature, once again not putting LabelWriter on the pedestal which we so feel it deserves. Really, the new Label Guide takes an already good design and makes it even better. It looks near impossible for labels to wander or jam the machine as the guide works in conjunction with the spool adjusting to fit each and every label roll width perfectly. Beyond this, it's really hard to see the changes until you start to use the product.

Want to know more about the updates? We're happy to tell you. Dymo has also added a few other features that are sure to delight.

  1. Dymo Productivity Software including the cornerstone Dymo Label Software Version 8 a.k.a DLS8. Click here to learn more about DLS8 or the entire software suite.
  2. An automatic power conservation or sleep mode has been added which effectively powers down the printer when not in use, and does so without having to unplug it. Visually it can be identified by the diming of the status indicator / feed button.
  3. SPEED, speed and more speed. The LabelWriter now boasts a print speed of 71 address labels per minute for the Turbo and Twin Turbo (51LPM for the 450).
  4. High resolution 300 x 600 dpi graphics mode for improved print quality.
  5. Longevity. Dymo has updated their longevity estimates and suggests that given proper maintenance and when using proper spec labels the LabelWriter is capable of printing 490,000 labels or more. This translates to roughly 30 miles or 50 kilometers of labels.

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