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Shipping and Handling Labels

Shipping labels designed to provide special instructions regarding the care of your packages during shipment. Buy today and enjoy free shipping!

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    ITEM# LV-SL9
    • 3" x 2" (76 x 51mm) "Fragile" red warning labels
    • 500 labels per roll, 1 roll per package
    • Bright label ensures safe handling of valuables
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Shipping & Handling Options offers shipping & handling labels designed to provide special instructions regarding the care of your packages during shipment. Our high quality, brightly colored labels are meant to be eye-catching for everyone involved in the shipping process. Using these labels will ensure your packages reach their destination safely and unharmed. Shipping & handling labels found on our website start at just $5.65 and include "Fragile" labels in bright red and white colors; "Chemical Hazard" labels in red, yellow, blue, and white colors; "Made in the USA" labels in red, white, and blue colors; "Do Not Stack" labels in red and white colors, and much more.

High Quality Features

Our labels are made with strong and durable materials that will withstand bad weather conditions and still be clearly readable. These shipping & handling labels may also be used on various types of packaging materials.

The Importance of Shipping & Handling Labels

Businesses that ship any kind of goods to customers will want to consider using our shipping labels as a standard operating tool. Without specific instructions, packages may not arrive to the correct destinations, boxes may be stacked at the bottom, fragile items may not arrive in one piece, or shipments may be returned to the sender. Placing a shipping label with specific instructions on packages acts as a guideline for postal workers to take extra care when handling these items.

Multiple Uses

These labels may be used for packages containing clothes, preserved foods, toys, glassware, pots, shoes, medical devices, jewelry, electronics, wine, etc. Companies ranging from startup businesses to large corporations would benefit by having these pre-printed labels on hand. As always, free shipping is available on every order at