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I Voted Stickers

Brightly colored, high quality I Voted Stickers are perfect for handing out at the polls during elections. Get yours today & enjoy free shipping!

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    Show Your National Pride

    Wearing an "I voted" sticker is one way to display national pride and celebrate being part of a democratic society. As each election season nears, campaigns, local government offices, and various organizations are stocking up on "I voted" stickers like those sold on LabelValue.

    Various Options

    Our pre-printed "I voted" labels retail as low as $4.95. There are several variations in wording such as: "I Voted - I Made Freedom Count", " I Voted Absentee", "I Voted By Mail", "My Vote Counted", etc. Our voting labels also include Election Official Name Badges so that voters may easily identify campaign volunteers and staff members if they need assistance. All "I voted" stickers match the patriotic theme with red, white, and blue colors. They are also all circular and two inches in diameter.

    Diverse Uses

    Our stickers are made with strong adhesive designed for use on fabric. Bright and durable, they may be displayed on jackets, shirts, laptops, mobile phones, and even on the face! There is no need to wait until the presidential election to purchase "I voted" stickers. Order them today on for interim elections and other voting-related events. These stickers are not just for political organizations. Individuals hosting Election Day parties may order them to distribute to guests. "I voted" stickers allow Americans to stand together in the power of their vote, but it also acts as a reminder for others to get out and vote. Free shipping is available on every item so order your stickers now!