Weatherproof Outdoor Labels - Assorted

Weatherproof labels are custom made all-weather stickers with a level of durability not granted other label stickers. The durability of these custom weatherproof stickers affords them wide ranging applicability.

"This is my second order, and the first has stood the test of time!
These (weatherproof) labels are on boat lifts and docks we service which get a lot of direct sunlight, and they still look like new after years of use!"
-Ryan P.

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  1. Custom Asset Tags With Barcode | 2.5" x 1.5"
    Custom Asset Tags With Barcode | 2.5" x 1.5"
    • Item# LV-Asset1
    • 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" rectangle - 250 labels per roll
    • Ideal for applications outdoors
    • Adhesive temperature range of -65 to 220 Fahrenheit
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Weatherproof Labels are Water Resistant

Personalized waterproof labels are custom made label stickers with a level of durability not granted other label stickers. This durability affords them wide ranging applicability. One such property is the water resistant property of the all-weather stickers. If you need labels for a canned or bottled beverage, you will find this feature especially useful. Imagine one of your customers is on the beach with friends. They have recently purchased your product and have had it chilling in the cooler for some time now. They open the cooler and pass around the beverages, only to find the labels have deteriorated and fallen off. Their friends, unless they are just uppity like that, will continue to drink your product. How likely is it, though, that those friends will remember what that product was called? See, the label is important because it works to cement the identity of the product in the minds of consumers. It is essentially a visual manifestation of the taste that won them over. Another scenario, worse yet: Imagine these labels are in a cooler, or even a freezer, at a local store. Imagine then their being unable to withstand the moisture and/or freezing temperatures. A customer tries to grab one and the label falls off, or comes off in the customer's hand. That is really not a good look, chief. Makes your product look low budget. Trust us, you do not want it to be positioned as the RC Cola to someone else's or Pepsi or Coca-Cola. There is even the possibility of the label of your bath and body product falling off in the bathroom, once the steam and heat cause it to peel.

Weatherproof Labels are Resistant to UV Rays

Did you know that exposure to the sun can potentially damage your label art? This issue most commonly afflicts those in the industrial lines of work. Thankfully, LabelValue has the right fix for that. We offer custom made labels with a protective laminated coating that helps to block out those harmful UV rays. The laminate is also used to protect against scuffing, adding another level of durability to your custom label.

Personalize Labels for Your Brand

These labels can be fully customized with your business's information. The pre-made templates are available to be fully edited so all you have to do is enter your text and logo and you're good to go. Or you can create a complex label design from scratch using our intuitive online label creation tool. These labels can be printed on with black ink only. The black ink contrasts strongly with the mirror-like silver outdoor label material. Additionally, these are the most affordable custom silver labels available thanks to this cost-effective printing process.

Looking for Weatherproof Labels to Better Promote Your Brand?

Consider giving LabelValue a try. You can get started on your free custom label quote by visiting the "custom labels" page. Or if you would prefer to speak to a representative, you can dial (800) 750-7764. LabelValue is open Monday through Friday.