How to Apply Custom Printed Labels to Water Bottles

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You have designed your new water bottle label and worked with the labeling experts at to get the best possible quote for your labels, based upon your needs. However, there is one more obstacle ahead of you, after you have received them in the mail: label application.

There are two ways to apply your label:

Method Number 1: Placing your custom water bottle label over the existing label is an easy task. Simply peel one of your new labels from the backing and line is carefully with the old label. Adhere the center of the label to the bottle first and slowly smooth from the center outwards until no air remains.

Method Number 2: In order to accomplish this second method, you must first peel away the current label. Soak your bottle in warm water for up to five minutes to loosen the adhesive. Peel away as much of the adhesive as you can and use rubbing alcohol to break down the remaining adhesive. Follow the same process described in Method 1 for applying your new labels.

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