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How to Buy K-Cup Labels

It can be a little bit difficult finding labels for your single-serving coffee products. We've had experience working with clients in the coffee industry that needed flexible solutions for their single-serve products. We have a variety of different ways to fit your needs. Here are a few tips and tricks to making sure you get the perfect label for your product.
1. Make sure you know the dimensions of your packaging.

K-Cup Labels

It may seem obvious, but many times companies begin designing and getting quotes for their custom labels without accurately measuring their products. The results? A label design that simply doesn't work very well or a label that doesn't fit on the packaging. You don't want that to happen, so make sure you closely measure the diameter of the area your label should cover.
2. Print an actual size guide when you design.
Oftentimes, designs look awesome at 1500 x 1500 pixels on the computer screen. Then when they're printed you realize that it's kind of hard to read actually read an entire paragraph on a 1.25 inch circle. Make sure that when you're in the design stage for your product that you print at ACTUAL size. This will help smooth things out in the long run.
3. Choose the right material. And test it.
Take into consideration the environments your packaging will encounter. There is a nice balance to strike between cost-effective and high-quality that you need to find. You will also need to remember that for single-serve coffee packs, there are health and regulation considerations to take into account. Ultimately, if you have the time, it pays to request a physical sample and test it. 
4. Enjoy.
As always, when you finish your design and label selection process, it's important to remember to enjoy what you've produced. Take a moment to remember why you got into the coffee industry in the first place and make sure that your label reflects your passion and craft. If so, you'll be sure to connect with your customers on an even deeper level than before.