Fiskars Cuts+ More Scissors

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    The Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors are the last pair of household scissors you will ever have to buy. These uniquely designed scissors are small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer, yet have the power to complete a wide variety of tasks, from the home to the office to the garden. The Cuts+More Scissors provide ergonomically sculpted finger and thumb loops, designed to provide both comfort and control. They feature an innovative power notch that can cut light rope, a wire cutter, twine cutter, pointed awl tip and bottle opener. These innovative scissors can even be taken apart, allowing you to use the titanium-coated blade as a knife. Dishwasher safe, they include a sheath with a built in tape cutter and a ceramic scissors sharpener to keep your scissors performing well.

    • Ideal for cutting household, office and garden materials
    • Ergonomically sculpted handle ensures maximum comfort as well as control during use
    • Unique power notch cuts light rope
    • Wire cutter allows you to easily cut wire without damaging the blades
    • Twine cutter cuts through twine quickly and easily
    • Pointed awl tip allows you to easily pierce holes in cardboard, leather and other materials
    • Convenient bottle opener allows you to easily open bottles
    • Scissors can be taken apart and the sharp titanium-coated blade can serve as a knife
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Sheath protects blades and ensures safe transport, sharpens scissors and includes a tape cutter for opening boxes
    • Length: 9”
    • Lifetime warranty