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Dymo File for Healthcare

Medical offices depend on accurate records to serve patients and submit invoices, but the expense of a document management system can negatively impact a practice's bottom line. Beyond rows of file cabinets, off-site storage and other expenses, files require a diligence all their own in order to keep them up to date. If you don't keep them up to date, you might suffer embarrassment, loss of billable time and sacrifice patient care - maybe even worse.

Practice Management Software systems might automate your billing or appointments, but only the most expensive will manage documents well. Very often this requires costly upgrades like EMR (Electronic Medical Records) management modules or stand alone systems. While Dymo File may not be the solution for every practice, an examination of some common uses may the prescription for your practice.

  • Folders can be set up for patients, doctors, treatments, etc. and can be searched using standard operating system search features allowing for fast retrieval of critical information.
  • Certifications and other commonly used forms can be centrally located for access by your entire practice and better yet, this does not require multi-user software licensing or subscriptions.
  • Health information can be transferred within your practice, to other practice locations and to referral doctors via e-mail or fax eliminating courier costs.
  • Dymo File is fully compatible with LAN (local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and SharePoint services while still maintaining user access privileges and restrictions.
  • Once scanned, files do not need to be opened, reviewed and then stored (filed) again. They're automatically placed in the proper locations with the document name you specified. See our review of Dymo File to better understand the naming conventions and storage process.
  • Dymo File helps you maintain HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
  • A complete Dymo File Solution, including a dedicated document management scanner like those of Fujitsu (ScanSnap S300, ScanSnap S1500) or Kodak (ScanMate i1120, ScanMate i1210, ScanMate i30), is generally less than a $1,000 investment and provides great ROI (return on investment), often within months.