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Dymo Stamps FAQ

Dymo released its Dymo Productivity Software Suite in June coinciding with the release of the new LabelWriter 450 series. The suite consists of Dymo Label Software Version 8, Dymo File LT, Address Fixer and Dymo Stamps.

What exactly is Dymo Stamps?

Simply put, Dymo Stamps allows any LabelWriter user to print USPS approved digitally encoded labels called Dymo Stamps from a personal computer.

What is the real benefit to Dymo Stamps?

  1. No long term service commitments. Dymo Stamps are available as a month-to-month service.
  2. No leased equipment required. Dymo Stamps is a pay as you go service. More on that in a moment.
  3. No sticky contracts to sign. Just sign up and start printing.
  4. No minimum or maximum use limits. Use it as you need it.
  5. No monthly fees.

What printers does Dymo Stamps Support?

  1. Dymo Stamps supports printing on the LabelWriter 400 Turbo, 400 Twin Turbo, Duo, 450 Turbo and 450 Twin Turbo and is fully compatible with LV-30915 labels.

What are the costs?

  1. The only cost of the Dymo Stamps service is the labels, and the postage value you print. To be clear, a 44-cent stamp costs 44 cents to print from Dymo Stamps.
  2. Since you can print exactly the postage value you need for the weight and shape of your mailing, you never waste money.
  3. Mailings produced in Dymo Stamps can be put into any standard Mail Box as marked for use by USPS at your local Post Office, business or residence. Not having to drive downtown saves money, which will far outweigh the nominal label costs.

What Type of Postage Can Be Printed?

  1. Dymo Stamps supports USPS approved postage for First Class Mail from 1-13 ounces, Flat Rate Priority Mail, Express Mail Postcards, and International Air Mail up to 1 ounce.

What Else Should I know about Dymo Stamps?

  1. Buying postage is done online and is ultra easy. Once you fill your electronic account with the desired postage value, your electronic wallet functions just like a debit card or highway toll tag automatically deducting the printed postage value from your account.
  2. Many users prefer to have a USB or manual mailing scale located near their LabelWriter. This saves money by ensuring you do not over-post your parcels. Some more advanced users have purchased the integrated Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution which includes a USB Scale.
  3. Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3.
    1. Install the Dymo Stamps software*.
    2. Establish your account.
    3. Purchase Postage ($10 minimum) through Endicia.

* Dymo Stamps can be found on the installation CD that came with your printer or downloaded from the Dymo web site at

Dymo Stamps Software Screen Shot