DYMO 1933353 Embossing Tape Neon Labels, 3-Pack

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    DYMO 1933353 Embossing Tape Neon Labels, 3-Pack Description

    DYMO 1933353 Embossing Tape Neon Tapes. Neon orange, neon green, and neon pink embossing tapes. This high-quality tape measures 3/8" x 9.8.' Each box contains 3 rolls. Includes FREE SHIPPING.

    Dymo 1933353 Neon Tapes (3 pack) Specifications:

    • 3/8" Tape (9mm)
    • Color: Neon orange, neon green, and neon pink
    • Box contains 3 rolls of tape
    • Size: 3/8" x 9.8' adhesive tapes (each roll)
    • Free Shipping
    • Model 1933353

    Neon embossing tape is designed for a label embosser, which allows you to create raised lettering on the label. The tape comes in bright, vibrant neon colors, which make it perfect for a variety of uses.

    Durable Neon Multi Use Tape

    One common use for neon embossing tape is in organizing and labeling files and documents. The raised lettering on the labels makes it easy to quickly identify the contents of a file or folder, and the bright neon colors can help differentiate between different categories or sections. The embossed lettering ensures that the label will remain legible over time, even with frequent handling.

    For Teachers or Art & Craft's Projects

    Neon embossing tape is also commonly used in arts and crafts projects. The bright colors and textured lettering can add a fun and playful touch to scrapbooks, journals, and other creative projects. You can use the tape to label photos, create custom greeting cards, or even add a decorative touch to gift wrapping.

    In the classroom, neon embossing tape can be a useful tool for teachers and students. The raised lettering on the labels can help students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, to better identify and organize materials. Teachers can use the tape to label classroom materials, such as books and manipulatives, and the bright colors can help engage students and make learning more fun.

    1933353 Specification

    Tape Width 0.38 "
    Tape Length 9.8' (3m)
    Tape Color Neon

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