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Easily order and design custom labels.
  • Choose from a variety of materials and finishes
  • High quality digital print
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    • All of our brand labels are available for full customization. Learn about customization options.
      Custom Labels

      All brand labels can be customized. You can learn more and get started creating your fully customized label here. Or, if you would like to talk through your label ideas, you can contact us at 800-750-7764 or via the "Chat with a label expert!" button located at the bottom left of your screen.

    Custom Food Labels For Food Description

    Are you searching for food labels? LabelValue is your food label printer!
    At we can print your food labels. We have printed many food labels and you can trust us as your food label printer.

    Customize your food labels with your company logo, food title, and ingredients. With our online label maker, you have a wide variety of options for your food labels.

    Or do you need something different like stand up pouches for food? 

    Food Labels 

    • Custom Labels for food 
    • Any size or shape 
    • Crisp Lineart
    • Beautiful, Vibrant Full color Images and Colors
    • Pantone Color Matching
    • Variable Data Or Sequential Numbered labels 
    • SPLASH 1-to-1 Label Personalization With Dynamic Images & Text
    • Vector Bar Code Generation
    • Graphic Design Services Available
    • 10 Business Day Turnaround
    • Digital Label Printing 
    • Want to see the people behind the labels? Learn More about our Label company!
    Click Start Customizing to choose your food label shape, size, material and finish. You can upload or create your food label artwork online.

    Our SPLASH Variable Design allows for your label's background or graphic elements to dynamically change on each label, resulting in no two identical labels in your run. Just add a note in your order comments requesting info and we will follow up to find out exactly how you envision using it!

    If you don't see a material, finish or printing service here that you need, please email us or use the Live Chat button below. We have established relationships with many different material suppliers and can quickly source any labeling solution you need.

    Custom Printed Food Labels 

    Get your nutritional labels printed for your food. Choose any shape and size. Nutritional labels are important for consumers to see, and is how they see how much nutrition is in the food. 

    Print your nutritional labels on the same label or a separate label. Make sure you add a nutrition facts panel to your food label. Many consumers check these food labels for nutritional facts. Nutrition labels are very important to have, and are legally required on food labels.
    Usually, this is included onto the main food label, or it can be a separate label. This is why the label must have the nutritional value of the food printed on it. 
    With food labels on rolls, you can apply them by hand or with a machine.

    Choose Your Custom Food Label Size

    Every customer needs a different label for their use. At LabelValue we can print your custom food labels in any size needed. We can also print your custom labels into special shapes and die-cuts. If you need a custom size or shape we can do it. Just plug in the dimensions on the next page after you click "Start Customizing Now" above.
    Label Materials For Food Labels
    • White Semi-Gloss Paper Labels - White semi-gloss paper material is a bright white semi-gloss material. It is our most economical choice and is ideal for dry, indoor applications.

    • White Film (BOPP) - One of the most popular choices with customers. Especially with beverage labels. White film material is a premium durable polypropylene material with an aggressive permanent adhesive that can withstand more wear and tear than paper material.

    • Clear Film (BOPP) - Clear film material is a durable polypropylene material that is translucent. This material is similar to white BOPP and can repel water & oils.

    • Silver Film (BOPP) - Silver film has a bright silver coating and is as durable as white BOPP. This is Ideal for outdoor applications or for unique label designs that utilize a metallic appearance.

    • Classic White Textured Wine Label Paper - Ultra-white solar laid label paper with a textured tactile pattern. This material is designed for wine labeling with good water resistance and a timeless feel.

    • Brown Kraft Paper - Brown Kraft Paper has an exceptionally tactile, textured look and feel.

    • Direct Thermal - Direct thermal can be printed on by thermal printers. Ideal for use in Zebra, Dymo, or other similar printers, with a general-purpose adhesive.

    • Removable Adhesive White Gloss Paper - This features the same face stock as white gloss paper material. However, the adhesive is removable.

    • Squeezable White Film (BOPP) - A label designed to stand up to the rigors of handling, squeezing, and long-life durability. The 2.2mm White Poly film is designed for non-rigid packaging.


    Label Finish

    Choose your label finish: 

    • Gloss Laminate - Laminate is a thin plastic film used for protection. It is more durable than varnish and is able to resist more serious scuffs.

    • Matte Laminate - Matte laminate is a thin plastic film used for protection against scuffs. It is more durable than varnish and is able to resist more serious scuffs.

    • Gloss Varnish -  Varnish is our most economical label finish choice. Varnish is a liquid coating that is added to the surface of the label for protection.

    • Matte Varnish - Matte varnish is an affordable varnish similar to gloss varnish, but with a matte appearance. This varnish is a cost-effective way to give your labels a matte look.

    • Thermal Transfer Printable Varnish - Thermal transfer printable varnish has a special coating for use in thermal transfer printers.

    • Thermal Transfer Printable Laminate - Thermal transfer printable laminate has a special coating for use in thermal transfer printers.

    • UV Outdoor Gloss Laminate - UV outdoor gloss laminate is used for extreme durability. This laminate has a glossy appearance and provides up to 2 years of UV & protection from the elements.

    • No Finish (No Lamination or Varnish) - If your label does not require a finish, you can select this option. Note: We do not recommend this option, as this will greatly reduce the durability of your label.

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