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Custom Bumper Stickers

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From standard information to the comically obscene and covering everything in between, bumper stickers have been a method for displaying our interests and opinions for all the world to see for close to a hundred years. They serve as a source of identity for college kids who stick them on the windows of dorms or the faces of their laptops. They are also used as marketing tools by businesses, organizations and professionals.

Companies have discovered that custom bumper stickers can do more than just request feedback on the quality of one's driving. They can be political statements and promotional campaigns that are seen by hundreds if not thousands of individuals every day, some of them potential clients or supporters. A business with a mass produced bumper sticker has a great, low cost means of advertising in hand. Need a few hundred bumper stickers? How about a few thousand? has been printing quality custom labels for years and is ready to make yours a bold success.

Custom Bumper Sticker Labels

Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Bumper Sticker

  • The typical size for a bumper sticker is 12" x 3", although the custom label manufacturers at can print any size, any shape.
  • When choosing colors, try to pick bold, complimentary shades that will be easily spotted and read, even from a distance, such as black letters on a white background.
  • We suggest you select a material that is weatherproof and fade resistant. Most bumper stickes are printed on vinyl, although others are printed on polypropylene and coated with UV varnish to ward off fading.
  • Clear material is available for bumper stickers if a "no label look" is desired. These are great for the illusion of text printed right onto the surface, although they can be more difficult to read depending on the color of the car and lettering.
  • The minimum number of bumper stickers that can be ordered is 150.

What to Have Ready When Ordering a Custom Bumper Sticker

  • How many stickers are you interested in?
  • Are there multiple versions of this sticker? Are they going to be the same size or multiple sizes?
  • Do you have artwork for the bumper sticker?
  • Is this just a onetime order? Or will you need a series of these in the future?

What is the Most Cost Efficient Method to Produce My Labels?

When receiving a consultation about your custom bumper stickers, our specialists will help produce the best quality label using the most cost efficient methods. The experts at can print in any size, from large quantities using our flexographic technology, to small quantities using our digital technology.

Using digital technology, can even print multiple versions of the same sized label with no additional up-front print plate or set up costs. Whatever your preference, our consultants are here to make your bumper sticker to meet your exact specifications, labeling your brand with success.

For smaller orders (usually less than 5,000 labels) you can create your own custom label and get an instant quote online.

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