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China's New Red Revolution - The Wine Revolution

Chinese Vineyards

China is now second only to Spain in amount of land area devoted to vineyards. It has surpassed Italy, USA, France and Australia in the size of its wine making industry. What does this mean for domestic vineyards? Not much right now, but it could signal a shift in future wine markets.

A great wine is not something that is created quickly. China's vineyards may occupy more than 3,000 square miles of land, but they are still relative newcomers to the wine scene. There is a long learning curve to becoming a major player in the international wine industry. Countries like South Africa have learned this the hard way.

Even in China itself, Chinese wines mainly constitute the lower end of the market. Few Chinese wines have received honors yet. Some brands are beginning to gain traction with positive international reviews though.

If China continues to devote sizable land to the development of their wine industry, it may not be long before they are a major international player.

Many experts say that China will need some big-time, flagship brands to emerge in the Chinese wine industry before international recognition will come.