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Can I have special shapes for my custom beer labels?

Yes, your custom beer label can be designed with whatever colors, shapes and sizes you wish.

Custom Beer Label Sizes and ShapesAs many craft brewers are now using negative space and special edges in their labels to create interesting, eye-catching designs, we have made an effort to accomodate whatever creative designs our customers can imagine. We always want to be ahead of the latest trends, so we are able to cut unusual sizes and shapes for all our custom labels, including our custom beer label production. 


That being said, some shapes will have more difficulty adhering to your bottles and packaging. Additionally, they may have durability issues.

Since no two custom labels are the same, we recommend you check out some of our samples and discuss exactly what you're looking for with one of our custom label experts. 

In order to learn more about what will work best for your label and design, consult with one of our custom label experts today. We'll make sure you get the perfect label for both your bottle and your wallet.   

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