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15 QR Code & Microtext Ideas For Your Labels

QR Codes
The QR Code, or Quick responce code was Invented in 1994 By Deno Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The Quick Response code is a variation of the barcode. It was designed to be a machine-readable optical label. This new label would contain information about the item it's attached too. Today many scan the QR Code with a mobile phone and takes that person to a URL to view more information.
But what are the main advantages of qr codes on labels?
Advantage of QR Codes & Microtext
1. Your Brand is better protected from counterfeit products and labels. With QR codes and Microtext you can have more security against counterfeit products.  


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LabelValue Joins The Flexible Packaging Market

LabelValue Joins The Flexible Packaging Market

Tampa, Florida - LabelValue, a custom manufacturer of custom product labels, stickers, and shrink sleeve labels will soon join the flexible packaging market.

This allows LabelValue to offer many customers a one stop shopping experience for private labels, custom stickers, flexible packaging, and shrink sleeve labels. The flexible packaging market contains products like pouch bags, flexible pouches, and flexible bags.  These are the main types of flexible pouches.


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Packaging Guidelines for CBD

CBD Custom Label Packaging and Printing

In the United States, each state has its own regulations when it comes to hemp and CBD products. Learn the importance of knowing and properly labeling your CBD products before they make it the shelves.

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How Custom Dies And Diecut Labels Can Set Your Products Apart

A custom diecut beer label printed for Swamp Head Brewery

Imagine, you have an original shape in mind for the outline of your label paper. This shape is likely to deviate from the typical rectangular or oval shapes that are most commonly used for label designs. A label printing company is not very likely to have, in their cache, die shapes that deviate from the norm. If you’ve ever tried to secure a custom die at the last minute, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. We recommend small business owners, with custom label shapes in mind for their packaging, invest in custom dies for their label materials.



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Interesting Ways To Use Clear Labels

Great ways to use clear custom labels for your business or products

If you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition, you might want to consider re-envisioning your label design practices. One of the most creatively versatile and eye-catching label materials is clear BOPP. Clear labels have the exciting advantage of peculiarity. They stand out! What’s more than that is that they provide exciting opportunities for creative brand designers. If the contents of your packaging have a peculiar or eye-catching design—say, for example, doggy treats in the shape of a pooch’s face, you’ll definitely want to accentuate this by opting for clear labels and the no-label look.

In the following article, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the label’s make-up and qualities, and of course, some delightful examples.

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Metallic Labels – Unique Ways To Utilize Metallic Label Material

metallic labels on cans

If you want to give your label a little more pop, a little more pizzazz then consider mixing things up with metallic label materials. These kinds of labels, and their variants—silver BOPP being the most well known—are metallized label materials that give packaging designs a high-end look that has been proven to captivate consumers. In the following article, we’ll do a rundown of the aesthetic qualities that make these label materials perfect for attracting the consumer eye.

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DYMO Software Fix For Printing Blank Labels

image displaying a screenshot of the DYMO Connect Software

3-18-21 UPDATE DYMO Support has released a new DYMO Connect update and new DYMO Label update that fixes the blank label printing issues. In order to run the latest software update, open DYMO Connect, click "Help" > "Check For Updates" and download the latest version ( For the latest DYMO Label update, download DYMO Label 8.7.4 here. These DYMO updates work with both pre/post Windows 10 update (in case you already rolled back the last Windows update), as well as with/without the optional Windows update from March 17th. Once the latest Connect version is installed, you should be able to print Dymo labels with your DYMO LabelWriter Printer.

For DYMO XTL issues with DYMO ID, there is currently not a permanent update or fix to DYMO ID. Please follow the instructions below for the temporary workaround.

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