Why Should You Invest in Your Brand Image?

 Branding is a crucial part of owning your own business. A brand that invests in its image with professional custom labels, graphics, and guidelines shows its potential clients that it truly cares about its appearance. Conversely, a business that doesn’t invest in its image will cause potential clients to question both the professionalism and quality of the organization. A company’s aesthetics truly set the tone from the first impression. Ultimately, a company’s branding will leave a lasting impression in a consumer’s mind of a brand’s personality, quality, and professionalism.

Branding Your Business


What should a company's image be?

A company’s image should do more than just describe the company or services provided. Whether intended or not, your company’s branding already conveys more than just that. For good or bad, your brand is sending a message.

As humans, we are intrinsically motivated by impulses. These impulses are derived from our senses and instincts going back all the way to the days of the cavemen. Especially in the social setting that is the marketplace, we subconsciously rely on our instincts to validate our decisions to be loyal customers of this brand as opposed to that one. What creates these emotional ties to material things? Most of the time the emotional value that a consumer associates with a company are created directly from their perception of the company’s appearance, which is the vehicle through which we perceive value, quality, and the like. For the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to this concept as branding.

Put more concisely, branding is the emotional value created by a company from sensory communication with its customers.

So, the question here is, how does your brand stand up to the competition? Are you creating a brand experience that develops strong emotional value with your prospective clients? Or are your competitors beating you to the punch?

 How does your brand stand up to the competition?

In an ever-evolving digital age where your product or service and your competition are separated by only a few clicks of the mouse, you may wonder how it’s even possible to create leverage for your brand.

Are you creating a brand experience that develops strong emotional value with your prospective clients? Or are your competitors beating you to the punch?

It’s not impossible, however, it just takes a little work and dedication to your craft. By building a reputable image through creative branding and communication, you will find that attracting new customers will begin to happen more naturally. Here are a few steps to start, but ultimately, you know your company, products, services, and brand better than we ever can. You know the problems your company solves for its customers. It simply takes applying that knowledge to some of the steps below to begin elevating your brand above the rest.

1. Commit to investing in your company’s appearance.

You ever hear the saying, “Dress for the job you want to have, not the one you already have?” The same principle applies to your brand. Create the appearance of a brand that is where you want to be. Investing in your company’s appearance will be the best investment you make.


2. Design quality packaging.

Your investment in appearances can create an instant ROI by optimizing your brand’s packaging. A strong packaging image will not only enhance the overall customer experience when it comes to purchases but also makes it more likely that you will gain repeat and even loyal customers. A recent study found that customer loyalty to a brand can be worth ten times as much as a single purchase. Why? Because customers with positive experiences continue to come back and share with others.

3. Create branding guidelines.

For everything from internal memos, email signatures, outbound communications, customer service scripts, and more, optimize every aspect of your company experience by creating and adhering to brand guidelines.

4. Try new things.

Sometimes, especially for smaller businesses, it’s difficult to conduct adequate testing for your concepts due to budget and time constraints. It’s imperative that you try new images, packaging, and styles until you learn what connects best with your audience. Use technology to get the best bang for your buck.

At LabelValue.com we have invested in digital printing technology. This means that you can change your designs on the fly at affordable prices in small quantities. This affordability and flexibility will let you try out dozens of packaging combinations without large investments, making it possible for you to try new things to get your brand to connect better with your customers.

We also carry Dymo shipping labels that allow you to print on demand the information you need on your label. They're called shipping labels, but they can be used on products as well. This can be a huge time and cost savings.

A business that invests in the appearance of its products or services shows the public that it believes in itself. This confidence and professionalism will lead to loyal, dedicated customers, ultimately leading to your business’s growth.

Get started on your brand image today by speaking with one of our knowledgeable label consultants. We can guide you in the direction of building a strong brand image through your product’s packaging. We have a variety of solutions, capabilities, and experience across dozens of industries. You can also get your free online quote for labels here.

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