What Materials Should I Use To Ship My Products? - How to Ship Smarter As A Small Business Part 8

We'll close out our small business shipping series with a tip that is, like many of the previous tips, very simple and straightforward. Nonetheless, many companies have to learn this lesson the hard way, as they try to pad their bottom line by buying subpar shipping materials. Don't be like them. Heed the advice now before it causes you unnecessary headaches.

Don't Save a Dime by Using Cheap Shipping Materials

While maximizing your dollars is the reason for reworking your shipping strategies and the purpose of this entire series of posts, one area that you can't afford to skimp on is shipping materials. While it might seem to make sense at first to save a dime on cheaper boxes, tape or packing materials, it will end up hurting your bottom line in the long run.

Sometimes, as counter-intuitive as it seems, you have to spend more money to save money. When it comes to shipping materials, that's exactly the case.

Use cheap labels that fade or fall off before reaching their location and you'll have packages lost in the mail or returned to sender. And very unhappy customers.

Use cheap packing tape and you'll have your contents spilling out with the first shipping worker who tips your box over the wrong way. This leads to broken products, returns and unhappy customers.

Use cheap boxes and you'll have damaged contents and unhappy customers.

Use cheap spacers and packing filler and you'll have damaged products and... you guessed it. Unhappy customers.

Nobody wants unhappy customers, so make sure you go the extra mile to ensure your amazing products reach your customers safely. Buy quality labels (from LabelValue.com of course) that have good reviews and are durable, splurge a little and get the high-quality packing tape, use sturdy boxes and always buy appropriate box filler.

Do this and you'll have happy customers.

And happy customers become repeat customers.

With that, we conclude our How To Ship Smarter As A Small Business series. We will be packaging these posts into one helpful, downloadable PDF soon and it will be placed at the beginning and end of each post in the series. Please download and share if anything you've read has helped you and your business!

Please comment on this or any other article with any other tips or stories you have about shipping strategies. We'd love to learn from your experiences as well.