Dymo 550 Series Label Options

What Labels Can I Use with the DYMO 550 Series Printers?

DYMO has recently made significant changes in the way their new 550 series printers work. They will no longer be able to use compatible labels from other brands. You will have to purchase DYMO brand labels that support their "Automatic Label Recognition" software and printer hardware.

Unfortunately, DYMO brand labels are oftentimes more costly than LabelValue brand, have less of a selection of sizes, materials, and color choices, and you may also have to pay for your labels to be shipped. Our LabelValue brand compatible labels always ship the same business day as ordered, for free - if your order is placed by 4:30 pm EST. 

The DYMO 550 series does not support custom printed printer compatible labels, either. Your choice of products for the 550 will be limited to what DYMO decides to stock, and that's it. 

This means you will not be able to use the large variety of labeling choices that LabelValue has if you purchase any of the DYMO printers in the 550 series. 

All 450 series printers and earlier will still continue to be compatible with our LabelValue brand compatible labels

So if not the DYMO 550 Series - what are my options for DYMO printers that can use compatible labels?

There are still options available - at least for the time being. DYMO will continue to offer the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL desktop printer, which does not require the use of their "Automatic Label Recognition" system and proprietary labels. Using a DYMO printer from the 450 series, like the 4XL, over the 550 will allow you to continue to use a variety of LabelValue brand compatible labels at a fraction of the cost.

The Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is still in production and able to be purchased from LabelValue. This printer is a long-lasting, highly rated printer for your labeling needs. The Dymo 4XL is compatible with a variety of label sizes - all the way from a half-inch, to 4" wide. 

Advice from our LabelValue Label Experts - Go with the Dymo 4XL and our Compatible Labels

LabelValue has thousands of customer-verified reviews backing up the fact that our labels perform just as well as the manufacturer's brand, if not better. We've supplied countless numbers of customers in varying industries with quality labeling products you can depend on. Our labels just work. Period. Never worry about a jammed printer, or sub-par materials or adhesives. We only use top-quality materials and manufacturing methods to ensure you receive a superior product with every order.

If you have any questions about the DYMO 450 series, 4XL, or 550 series printers, please chat with us either using the Chat link at the bottom of your screen or by calling our customer service team at 800-750-7764.