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Free I Voted Stickers From LabelValue

Free I Voted Stickers

Voting in an election is often regarded as one of the most important public services an American can do. It gives you - the voter, the power to let your voice, opinions, and views shape the political landscape of the country for years to come. Voters often wait in long lines, deal with overly-opinionated fellow voters, screaming kids, and antiquated polling methods - and all we ask for in return is one little recognition in the form of an "I Voted" Sticker. 
But there's a troubling trend that is becoming more and more prevalent - I voted stickers aren't being handed out. Some polling places are underestimating voter turn out, and aren't ordering enough. Even worse, there are entire counties who are opting to not pass out ANY "I Voted" stickers. Needless to say, the sticker shortage-effected voters aren't too happy.   After all, if a person votes and doesn't have an "I voted" sticker firmly affixed to his or her shirt - did they REALLY even vote? No. The answer is no - at least if you believe those on Twitter who got stiffed on election day.  

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Artwork Guidelines For Print

In the print-world, the way you create and save your logo, custom label design or other artwork is everything.

So if you think that a) CMYK is some strange texting lingo, b) you have to stab your artwork to get it to "bleed properly", or c) a rasterized image is picture of Bob Marley and the Lion of Judah, then this is the guide for you.

this is the place

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LabelValue Offers Donated Hand Sanitizer Labels For Breweries, Distilleries & Other Temporary Producers

hand sanitizer labels

LabelValue.com is currently fully operational, while following CDC guidelines for ensuring a safe and clean workplace during the coronavirus pandemic.

During these difficult times, we have been moved by local breweries and distilleries in the Tampa Bay area who, instead of remaining closed due to the new restrictions on bars and breweries, are instead finding ways to help the community by producing hand sanitizer with their brewing equipment and know-how.

Inspired by this, LabelValue would like to donate labels for hand sanitizers to breweries and distilleries producing hand sanitizer during this coronavirus pandemic.

3 daughters hand sanitizer labels

Local Brewery, 3 Daughters Brewing using their beer brewing equipment to donate hand sanitizer.

It's our way of joining in and helping others during these trying times for us all.

To get started, please contact our customer service team at service@labelvalue.com or by phone at 800-750-7764.

The labels will be produced on our semigloss paper material, with the details or artwork supplied by your brewery.