Squeeze Me! New Squeezable Label Material and Design

Squeezable label material can be the perfect bridge between your unique flexible product packaging and cost-effective packaging design. Learn how Octopus Arms Children's Natural Foods leveraged this technology and squeeze material to create a great packaging and branding experience for their customers. You can now create your own labels with this squeezable material using our InstaProof.

Squeeze Me! Octopus Arms! Get your attention?

It can be a time full of questions and uncertainty when a company starts marketing a new product. It’s even more daunting for a start-up that has its entire company’s success and livelihood riding on a single product. In an industry where product recognition and branding is everything, the big question is, what can you do to help your product stand out?

#1 “Wiggly, Silly, Fruit Noodles – No Mess!” – Know your audience.

A successful package design comes down to just a few key points. First, know your audience. It can be a point easily passed over but can make or break your product. Octopus Arms, a children’s all natural snack startup made this top of mind when going through the design process of their packaging experience. They kept in mind that their audience was not only children, who are drawn to bright, primary colors and fun designs, but also their parents who would actually purchase the fruit noodles. The design, branding and content of their packaging caters to each.

Squeezable Label Material Design


#2 Flexible Packaging or Squeezable Labels? Isolate your sales and cost-cutting opportunities through research.

Next, know exactly what your competitors are doing. Do your market and category research. What is your competition doing right? And more importantly, what are they doing wrong? Look at areas of opportunity within your category and design with those in mind. Make your product stand out in the grocery aisle, but in a positive way.

A great way to do this is to choose packaging that accents your product. As one of the fastest growing segments in the packaging industry, flexible packaging has taken the grocery shelves by storm. The largest market for flexible packaging is the food industry, accounting for an impressive 60 percent of the total market share. With an estimated $31.1 billion in sales in flexible packaging, it is safe to say that it is here to stay and only growing.

The Most Cost-Effective and Adjustable Packaging Media

With the cost of package printing so high, a more cost-effective option to consider is digital labeling. This allows for on the fly changes if something isn’t working as planned on your label. Short-run minimums keep your inventory low with on-demand printing as well. Have more than one design? Try out LabelValue’s variable design capabilities, where we take your data and your artwork and produce multi-version, 1-to-1 customized labels. The same process can be used for your barcode information as well, if desired.

A great investment for flexible or squeezable containers is a squeezable label which will flex and conform to the stresses of use. Commonly made of Polyethylene (PE), this is the most popular choice for label material for squeezable bottles. LabelValue’s squeezable material will withstand the rigors of use, low temperatures associated with refrigeration, as well as resistance to water, oils, and chemicals commonly found in the packaging and shipping process.

As you might have noticed, Octopus Arm’s label has a unique shape. Our printing and die cut process allows us to create and print practically any shape. The result is a unique and engaging label that can easily be applied.

Using squeezable labels can be a great medium for market testing a product and measuring its success. Introducing your product to the market can be a stressful time no matter if you are an established company or a fresh startup new to the industry. We at LabelValue.com look forward to coming up with custom labeling solutions that will bring success to your brand and products.