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How Yelp Stickers Help Build Your Brand

88% of consumers read reviews before they purchase a product or use a service according to a 2014 survey by No matter what industry you’re in, if people buy your products or purchase your services, your online reputation matters. There are a number of different avenues for creating and reading reviews, from your company website to Facebook to industry-specific apps like Urbanspoon and more. One of the more powerful of these review forums is Yelp and this is why you should be utilizing Yelp Stickers to help build your brand.

Yelp – A catch-all review service

Yelp encompasses reviews on all types of businesses. Where other review sites and apps are typically limited to food service businesses and the like, review on Yelp can range from hardware stores to tech companies to bakeries. Chances are, if someone searches “Reviews for (insert your business here)” they’re going to see Yelp come up in the search listing. And this isn’t really even an “if” scenario – remember 88% of people are going to be reading reviews?

So are they going to stop in at your shop? Or are they going to be turned off by the reviews and head across the street to your competitor?

How to use your Yelp stickers

Make sure you take advantage of your loyal customers and the ones who are touched by how you go above and beyond by reminding them to share their how they love you on Yelp and other review services by utilizing Yelp stickers. You can place the stickers on your windows, company vehicles, menus, or other promotional materials to make sure your customers are reminded to leave a comment for you.

Some studies show as much as a 30% increase in profit with a 5 star Yelp rating, so what are you waiting for? Make sure you start using Yelp stickers to help build your brand today, before your competition seizes the opportunity.