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The DOs and DON’Ts of Organizing

SpaDo you ever feel like once Labor Day passes, Christmas comes around just a week later? It seems like once the summer is officially over, the fall flies by and the year over before I know it. However, you don’t have to wait for those New Year’s Resolutions to get organized (or for the spring to start your spring cleaning)! Check out these DOs and DON’Ts for organizing your house, starting today.

DO have a plan in place for what you want to organize and what you want it to look like when you finish.

DON’T just start organizing without knowing

DO set aside a chunk of time to tackle each task.

DON’T expect to organize your entire home in one day.

DO break rooms up into sections based on what you can reasonable accomplish in one session.

DON’T rush out and buy containers before you know what you need.

DO spend time de-cluttering before you organize so you get rid of things you don’t need and haven’t used in a long time.

DON’T forget to label bins and boxes so you will avoid searching boxes for items in the future and so you’ll be able to keep everything more organized.

DO avoid avoiding clutter by spending a small amount of time every day straightening your home.

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What room in your house needs organizing the most?