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Happy Returns Day! Why Pay-on-use shipping labels are a must-have for your online business

Retail ComScore 2013

"Ease of making returns/exchanges" ranked second in areas of online shopping improvement in a Customer Experience Study by comScore and UPS. Is your online business making returns easy enough?

Online customers expect more

Nearly 40% of consumers will return at least one gift this holiday, according to the National Retail Federation. A record number of big name retailers like Target and Old Navy are even offering pre-paid return shipping labels to their online customers. 
The reason? 89% of customers say they will shop again at an online store after a positive returns experience. 

Affordable Return Shipping: Pay-on-Use

So how do you create a positive returns experience that won't break the bank? Integrate pay-on-use return Dymo shipping labels with your Dymo printer. With pay-on-use shipping labels, you aren't charged unless the label is used, as opposed to traditional pre-paid postage. It's a quick and easy way to separate your online business from the competition. 
Chances are, you already know how to use Dymo Stamps Online to save time and money by printing your own postage with your Dymo printer. Luckily, the process for pay-on-use return shipping labels is made possible by the same great sister company to Dymo, Endicia.
All you have to do is set up an Endicia Postage Account, similar to the Dymo Stamps account. This will cost you a fee, based on the capabilities and tier you choose, but likely will still be far less than including pre-paid return shipping with each order. Once you're set up, simply access the Pay-On-Use Returns service, input the package specs and print the labels with your Dymo printer labels. Then include the labels with each outbound order. For more info on the options, process and setting up an Endicia and Dymo Stamps account go to
Now your customers will be amazed at how you go the extra mile and they'll be happy to come back time and time again. The best part though? It will actually save you money while earning you loyal customers!