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A Writer’s Journey to Getting Organized…with Labels!

“How can you work for a label manufacturer, write regular blog posts about using labels to organize your home and office, and STILL not have your own home organized with label?”

That was the thought that went through my mind as I wrote yet another blog on organization (with labels, naturally).

As a writer who frequently researches new, unique ways to use labels to simplify your life and talks about simple steps you can take to get organized, it seemed nuts that my own house was somewhat less than organized (okay, this might be an understatement).

So I decided to take my OWN advice with this task.

  1. Start small. I didn’t try to tackle every closet, every flat surface, and every corner at one time. Instead, I took one space at a time, starting with the pantry. What really pushed me over the edge was discovering that I had duplicates in my pantry of certain items because they had become buried. What a waste!
  2. Start with a blank slate. I literally pulled everything from my pantry to give myself a clean state with which to start. I checked expiration dates and looked for duplicates. I made sure to toss anything expired and also set aside anything I knew I wouldn’t need in the future.
  3. Group like items. I organized the remaining items into baking items, canned goods, condiments, snacks, etc.
  4. Invest in containers. After seeing how many groups I had, I went out and purchased containers for the different items.
  5. Label, label, label. I used my Dymo LabelWriter to print labels for the containers so that, in the future, items would go directly into their designated location.

There are a few recommendations I would make, things I would do differently if I started fresh.

I would use white containers and clear tape instead of dark containers and white tape. I didn’t think about it at the time but a white container with clear, or even white labels, would have had greater aesthetic appeal.

I would have used a LabelManager printer with more durable D1 tapes. They also would have been more aesthetically appealing for labeling my pantry.

Check out the results of my project below!

Pantry Organized