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5 Reasons You Need to Get Organized

Most of us have, at some point or another, been guilty of living in chaos. Oh sure, we could take the time to organize our closets, pantries, cabinets, and wherever else… but inevitably other things come along to steal our attention and we never get to it. However, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you NEED to get organized, and why you need to visit now and invest in your own LabelManager printer.

  1. Because it’s way more visually appealing. Having a well organized home with your own organizational system is extremely satisfying. You also won’t be embarrassed to have guests over, knowing that they will be seeing a well ordered home as opposed to one cluttered and chaotic.
  2. It reduces stress. You might be surprised (or then again maybe not) to learn that a cluttered home can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. These feelings are even more intense if you’re a busy person who his frequently pressed for time. The act of organizing your home or workspace, however, actually can work to counter the stress and provide you with feelings of accomplishment.
  3. Organizing saves you money. I can’t tell you how many duplicate items are in my pantry or spice drawer because I didn’t realize I had an item before buying another. Lost bills can result in money wasted on late fees. You may pay to rent a storage unit…but do you really need those stored items anymore? Create an organizational system for mail and bills, hold a yard sale to get rid of items you don’t need and drop the storage unit. These small changes could add up to big savings over time. 
  4. You’ll save time. How much time have you wasted searching for items in your closet or pantry? What about time wasted searching for items in your desk or in filing cabinets? When you get organized you’ll waste less time because you’ll be able to find items more quickly and you’ll be more productive with less stress inhibiting you and more time to get things done.
  5. You’ll be benefitting your health. And not just your mental health! Although we have already discussed that organizing helps you be less stressed, thereby improving your mental health, it also will help your physical health. A disorganized, cluttered home tends to have more dust, dirt and bacteria, all of which impact your energy level and can make you sick.

So have I convinced you just how important it is to get your home in order? Whether you have the time available to take giant steps to get organized, or whether you can only take baby steps…just make sure you’re taking steps to get organized!

But before you get started, visit our site and spend just $30 on a LabelManager printer so you can label as you organize. By labeling, you’ll be far more likely (and others in your household will be far m ore likely) to maintain your organizational system.