Free Shipping on Every In-Stock Order in the USA! Customer Rewards Program’s Customer Rewards Program rewards awesome customers for purchasing awesome labels.

Automatic Enrollment

When you purchase labels you are automatically enrolled in our new Customer Rewards Program.

We don’t think you should have to do any extra work to be rewarded for shopping with us. That’s why we automatically enroll every single customer that qualifies to receive a reward.

Automatic Rewards

When you are about to qualify for a reward with, we will automatically put the item you qualify for in your account and cart. You don’t have to do anything but place your qualifying order or perform your qualifying task to receive your reward.

How Do I Qualify?

Buy labels!

The more you buy, the better gifts you’ll earn.

We will also offer special promotions from time to time to earn extra rewards. Things like sharing a picture of your labels with us on social media or trying out new website features are examples of other promotions we may offer.

Make sure to sign up for the newsletter here to receive special exclusive rewards and promotions!

What Are The Rewards?

Rewards are subject to change at any time. Current rewards are as follows:

-$25 Gift Card

-$50 Gift Card

-$50 Restaurant and Movie Card

-$100 Gift Card

-Mini Bean Bag Toss

-BBQ Set

-Odyssey Water Bottle

The more you buy, the better rewards you’ll receive!





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